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Plentyoffish Media Inc. pays $48,000

Plentyoffish Media has entered into an undertaking with the CRTC’s Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer which include paying $48,000, training and education for staff and corporate policies and procedures to ensure that its activities are compliant with Canada’s anti-spam legislation.

Plentyoffish Media allegedly sent commercial emails to registered users of its online dating site that did not contain an unsubscribe mechanism that was set out clearly and prominently, and that could be readily performed. CASL Cure automatically adds an unsubscribe link, included at the bottom of all outbound emails, along with CASL compliance required information such as business name and address.

“Prior to the coming into force of Canada’s anti-spam law, the CRTC conducted numerous outreach sessions and issued guidance material on interpretation of the new requirements. Plentyoffish Media erred by sending commercial electronic messages to its registered users with unsubscribe mechanisms that were not in compliance with the law.

This case is an important reminder to businesses that they need to review their unsubscribe mechanisms to ensure they are clearly and prominently set out and can be readily performed. We appreciate that Plentyoffish Media changed its practices once it became aware of the problem. The CRTC encourages Canadians to continue to report suspected violations to the Spam Reporting Centre.”

Manon Bombardier
Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

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