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CASL Private Right of Action Delayed

Last week, by an order-in-council of the Government of Canada, the private right of action provisions in CASL were delayed. There has been mixed reactions to this delay depending on who you talk to, but Fazila Nurani, of Privatech has taken a good look at what this delay means for businesses and how CASL is still effecting them.

It is important to remember that CASL otherwise remains in full force and is being actively enforced by the CRTC – we have witnessed a number of decisions where administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) have been issued against reputable organizations, and businesses of all sizes from the one-man show to the large national operation. Entities should also keep in mind that the transition period that grandfathered certain pre-CASL “existing business relationships” will end as scheduled on July 1st of this year.

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